our mission

In the Bible, God laid out a pretty simple mission for every local church: introduce people to Jesus Christ and teach them how to live for Him (Matthew 28.18-20)...and that's what we stick to here at Grace Church.

So, when we present people with our mission, we describe three simple ways for them to live into it: connect, transform and serve. As a local church we feel that if we can help you give God an inch in these three simple ways, He will stretch you to a mile...and beyond!

We believe that Jesus can make an immediate and eternal impact in your life. Read on to learn more about how you can journey with Him and us here at Grace Church!


worship weekly

The primary way that everyone can experience connection at Grace Church is through weekly worship.

We want to help people make the two most vital connections in their lives - with God, first and foremost, and with other people who are on the same journey.

When we worship weekly we learn and practice how to honor God with praise, how to listen to God through His Word, how to pray, how to give generously and how to encourage one another.

At Grace Church we worship weekly at 9.30 & 11.00 every Sunday morning in a casual, contemporary atmosphere that inspires us to connect with God passionately.


a small group

every semester

The primary way that everyone can experience transformation at Grace Church is by participating in a small group every semester. Here at Grace we refer to this as G3 - Grace Growth Groups.

G3 is about personal spiritual growth in a semester-based, small group learning experience. That means that you can join 7-20 other people for 10-12 weeks at a time to learn how to apply the Bible's teachings to your everyday life, to pray together, to serve together and to have fun together. Then, you can join a completely new group the next semester!

At Grace we offer everyone the opportunity to sign up for a G3 group every January, May and September.

So, if you're new to Grace you never have to wait more than a few weeks to take your next step into transformation!


one hour a week

The primary way that everyone can engage in service at Grace Church is to serve other people for at least one hour every week.

At Grace Church serving others can range from greeting people on Sunday morning, to partnering with kids' and student ministries, to serving meals at local shelters.

Service is an outward expression of our love for others, and it's when we love that we are most like God. So, we encourage everyone to serve at least one hour every week.

To find out how you can serve for one hour a week at Grace Church, check out our "Serving@Grace" page on this website, or pick up a Grace Church SERVE form at the Welcome Center today!