our leaders

  • Gene Phelps 

    Lead Pastor

    I can't imagine a life where I am not intimately involved in worship and sharing my love for God. My passions are preaching, teaching, and deepening my relationships with others. I also love to tell, listen to, and write good stories. I am married to an amazing lady named Drema who has put up with me for 39 years - so . . .  yes I believe in miracles.

    My core belief is that we are all uniquely and divinely made for specific purposes. We are not accidental. We are indeed made to fly!

    All of us have unique gifts, and callings on our lives. True joy is found when we can step into the amazing life imagined for us by Christ.

  • Debbie Roth

    Family Life Pastor

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  • Jessica Watkins

    Worship Director

    Faith, family, fun and fitness are just some of the words I like to use to describe my hectic but so exciting life.  

    I made a decision to follow Jesus at the age of twelve (12) and I'm not tired yet!  Being led by the Spirit of God puts you on a rollercoaster of nerves and anticipation...but it's the best ride EVER.

    My true passion is helping others discover the gifts and talents God has given them...and then activating them (which means pushing them beyond their limits!) so that they can be used in the Kingdom of God.  

    I am married to the most AMAZING man, Justin, and we have two brilliant, anointed children - 

    Justin II and Justice Eliana.  

  • Paige Nichols

    Administrative Assistant

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  • Judy Cathcart

    Data Input Manager

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  • Tom Hill


  • Darrell Kress


    Hello, my name is Joanne (Nishwitz) Kress. I have been a life-long member of Grace. Darrell and I were married in July of 1965. We have three sons and six grandchildren who also attend Grace. 

    We have been a part of chair team, greeters, Communion stewards, small group, hospitality, and nursery. We love and appreciate the Staff and every member of Grace Church. Our favorite passage of scripture is Psalm 100.

leadership teams

In addition to our Staff, the following groups of people help provide oversight for the ministry of Grace Church...

  • Lead Team, administering the mission and vision of Grace Church

    Comprised of 9-12 people serving 3-year terms, the Lead Team  is the highest administrative group at Grace Church - supporting the pastors and staff, and insuring that the administration of the mission and vision is on task.

  • Trustees, maintaining the property and legal incorporation of Grace Church

    When it comes to the physical property and legal matters of Grace Church, the Trustees are our go-to group of people. They each serve 3-year terms.

  • Finance Team,  keeping our financial resources in order

    Serving 3-year terms each, the Finance Team develops our annual budget

    and monitors our financial resources.

  • Local Elders, providing spiritual covering for Grace Church

    Unlike the other leadership teams, the Local Elders are not an administrative group and they have no term limits. Instead, they serve as a spiritual covering for Grace Church by providing prayer, counsel, encouragement, support and accountability for both leadership and congregation. You can find out more about the Elders by clicking here.